Customer Journeys Simplified

Every time you send a message, you train customers to ignore you or pay attention. Luckily, StoryPorts helps simplify and extend Customer Journeys using Personalized Smart Blocks, Smart Templates and plug-n-play campaigns.

Combine Salesforce Marketing Cloud  Journey Templates with StoryPorts Smart Block Streams to help deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.  Smart Block Streams make sure that the content is always up to date and current, no matter where a person is in their journey.

SFMC Journey Templates

No question that email journeys keep a person engaged. You see it every day. A welcome series or post-purchase, whatever the series is and if it’s done well, I can be lead down a path that gets me thinking and keeps me interested. I always appreciate consistency and continuity.

Why Customer Journeys?

  • Easily Reward the Best Customers
  • Provide Outstanding Experiences
  • Set it and Forget It
  • Right Content, Right Time
  • Engaging Interactions

 Below are three Customer Journeys that are easy to build using StoryPorts and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Templates.


A Welcome Journey is a prime opportunity to build a tight bond post-sign up. Share social content and drum up interest in connecting on other platforms. Include upcoming promotions and continue moving this new subscriber along the path to becoming a customer. If you build it, they will follow.

Ariana Grande Welcome Email


Tell them thanks, give them support info, and what to expect in the coming days. Throw in some social content, and you will get your customers on the path to happiness. A journey of emails can turn your customer into an advocate, just like you planned all along.


Baby come back! Share a deal, a great story, something, and see if you aren’t able to turn that frown upside down.

What are Smart Blocks?

Smart Blocks are live content blocks for your emails. They can pull content from anywhere online and are always up to date. They can be used to power real-time email content in emails and customer journeys.

– RSS Feeds
– Product Feeds
– Media Players
– Event Calendars
– Weather Conditions
– Social Media Streams
– Videos
– And More…


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