10x Your Workflow with Versions

StoryPorts Versions helps content creatives to design and generate unlimited variations of the same email or project, all in one place.

If you’ve managed a product marketing campaign, been in charge of getting customer newsletters out the door, or anything in between, you know how tough this task can be. Organizing a well-rounded, consistent campaign to build customer relationships or reach out to new prospects isn’t exactly a piece of cake, especially when it takes more time than it should to build each new email from scratch and get it out the door on a deadline.

You’re not alone; if you’re a content creator, it’s likely you’ve run into the same problems. Every email campaign comes with its host of disorganization, set-backs, and general confusion all around. It can take days, even weeks, to get a single email into people’s inboxes, let alone a whole set of them. And to have them all be consistent and on-brand? That’s a feat few can tackle.

But with Versions, users can finally kick back and make the magic happen, sans all the hectic chaos. Marketing campaigns can now be a piece of cake: within one single project, users can design countless emails with the same structure and style, but different content. Content creators can now maintain consistency and stay on-brand while keeping the same style and message throughout email campaigns. 

StoryPorts Versions are the perfect tool to help distributed teams build customer journeys, welcome series, and acount based marketing campaigns. They can help speed up A/B testing, streamline multi-language campaigns, and personalize communication. 

Users can easily switch between different emails, all within the same project, cutting down on time spent searching for documents and jumping in and out of different files.

Adding another version is quick and simple! If users need to send another reminder email to customers before the big event, or get the ball rolling on one last newsletter, simply click “add versions” to create another email in the project.

Whether users want to work ahead on projects, schedule their emails to be sent ahead of time, or simply create an organized schedule, this feature makes it easy as pie. Users can configure their versions to match their perfect production workflow by setting rules to send previews, publish emails, and more. Versions aims to increase speed from idea to send, making the campaign process as quick and efficient as possible.

Users can design and reuse versions infinite times, significantly cutting down on time spent creating each new email. If the perfect template has already been created once, why spend extra time creating it again and again? Versions makes this process efficient and effortless, and can be used for a wide variety of products, from Welcome Campaigns to Newletter Series and everything in between:

Versions are perfect for:

  • Distributed Teams
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Welcome Series Design
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Lead Nurturing Tracks
  • Product Marketing Campaigns
  • Multi-Variant A/B Testing
  • Multi-Language Campaigns
  • Multi-Cultural Campaigns
  • Newsletter Series
  • Personalized Communication
  • Event Marketing Series
  • Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • Omni-Channel Marketing

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