How It Works

Deliver highly relevant email content streams based on customer context, profile, location and behavior. Relevant content can drive as much as 4X conversion rates and increase customer retention overall. Pull content directly from your website, social posts or asset library to create personalized content experiences in your email campaigns.

This package includes up to 10 beautiful, mobile responsive and custom branded email smart blocks. Built according to your design and tested across all major email clients. Also included are the services to connect your content and customer data as well as the logic for personalization.

personalized smart blocks for salesforce

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Deeply integrated. Deliberately powerful.

Access your StoryPorts account from directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud without a separate login. Stream real-time content from anywhere online into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Smart Blocks, Emails and Cloud Pages. Trigger news alerts, media alerts, customer journeys, automated newsletters and more.

StoryPorts comes with dozens of productized content connectors that take virtually any digital content and convert it into great looking, mobile responsive, best-in-class email HTML, web visualizations, and developer feeds for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.