[New Feature] The World’s First Spotify Player for Email

Music’s Second Digital Revolution

In 2016, the U.S. music industry saw its first double-digit growth in almost 20 years as streaming took off. One of the biggest players in the streaming music game is Spotify who had over 160 million active users and 60 million paying subscribers as of July 2017.

It was no surprise when Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Universal Music Group all requested that StoryPorts provide them an easy, scalable, and affordable way to embed a Spotify player into email campaigns.

Introducing The Spotify Email Widget

The Spotify Email Widget supports Albums and Playlists. It is campaign ready and dead simple to build and manage. Using drag, drop, and search features, a marketer can easily create a best-in-class, mobile responsive email widget. The playlist/album’s cover, tracks, and play buttons work great in every email client, including the tough ones like Outlook and Gmail.


Spotify Playlist Email Widget


Playlist tracks are always up to date. That means you can create a single Spotify playlist widget, and it will always remain current as new tracks are added over time. Combine this feature with auto-publish or marketing cloud syndication to deliver personalized playlists, drip campaigns, or customer journeys with the most current track listings.

Unfortunately, Spotify songs will not play in the email client (yet) but clicking on any track will launch the Spotify mobile app, if installed, or fallback to play in the browser. One click listening.

The player will automatically scale to any email client or browser and works with every ESP, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, and more.

Desktop Version

(Note: This is actual Email HTML. Click on any link. Shrink your browser to see the mobile response.  The desktop version will look stacked, if reading this post on mobile)

Mobile View


How it works