Email Design Review: It’s Time to Hydrate

The days are getting colder, we’re all getting older….Are those lyrics to a song? 🤔 Anyways, it’s that chilly time of year where all you want to do is throw on some flannel pajamas and curl up with some fresh baked cookies by the fire. Trust me, I’m right there with you. But that also means that the chances of us getting out of our pj’s and off our couches is lower than ever. 

Well, Hydrant is here to help. And as cozy as we are, we still totally love this email. Here’s why!

  • The bright colors are the first step toward getting us energized – the reds and oranges pop out, getting us into that “can do” attitude. After all, who doesn’t see orange slices and think “it’s time to get up”?

  • Hydrant has something for everyone, and for every thing. Prone to the winter sniffles? Running a marathon tomorrow? Trying to cut down on your daily soda intake? Well, they’ve got a thing for that. Their email lays out each type of hydration clearly and concisely, paired with a cute and topical icon for each one. In other words, they’re making it as seamless as possible for us groggy, pajama-clad folk. Who knew hydration could fix so many problems? 

  • Hydrant makes sure to tuck in some virtual goodies right at the end of the email: they have a quick quiz perfectly designed to tell you exactly what sort of hydration you need right now, and considering all the different types they offer, that’s more than helpful. And to add that final bow on top, they’ve tacked on a $5 promo for anyone shopping right now. After all of that, being dehydrated just isn’t an option anymore.