Email Design Review: Welcome to the Jungle

It’s gray. It’s dreary. It’s wintertime! The branches are bare, the grass is coated in snow, and your house could stand to have a bit more, well, life. 

Look no further – bloomscape has swooped in with the perfect batch of bright, beautiful, nearly indestructible house plants for even the most inept plant-caregivers among us.

Here’s why we love this email!


  • Blooscape clearly knows us, and our tendency to struggle keeping even the sturdiest cactus alive. But worry not, they’re ready to fix our not-so-green thumbs with a curated list of plants that you most likely won’t kill. They even have a Plant Care Shop, as well as a section titled “Easy Indoor Plants”, all of which make choosing your plants as seamless as possible, and caring for them even easier. 
  • The pops of dark and bright green throughout the email are the perfect eye-catching accents, set against a neutral-toned beige, creating a wonderful plant-palette. Open up the email and step into a wonderfully-designed plant wonderland!
  • After looking at your slightly shriveled, potentially dead house plants for the past few months, these pictures are a more than welcome change. Each plant is bright and thriving, which is the dream for all of us…and for our plants, too.