Our Top 5 Favorite ExactTarget Features of 2014

Before the ball drops in Time Square for New Years Eve in the next couple of weeks, we’d like to take a moment to applaud ExactTarget on their 2014 features that have made our lives easier this past year.  So without further adieu  here are our top five favorite ET features of 2014:

1. Discover

ET’s premium data analytics tool, Discover provides the geographical location by City and State or Region (within the United States) of email subscribers based on IP address used when interacting with the email.  Users now have an accurate reading of where and how many unique opens emails have based on location.

Discover ET Feature

2. Journey Builder

With Journey Builder marketers can easily see how many and what percentage of people in an Interaction are achieving the desired goal on each day and by which path or activity. Goal Attribution by Day or Path shows which combination of touches are driving the best results.  Amazing!  It can easily be read and navigated with ET’s Flow View UI.  No more guess work.

Journey Builder Flow View


3. Contact Builder

Contact Builder is an ExactTarget Marketing Cloud tool used to consolidate, organize and manage data. You can build complex relationships with data from any source including ET Marketing Cloud channel apps and external sources such as ERP, CRM, or POS systems.  Additionally, you can relate the data directly to the contact record for use in personalized one on one customer conversations.

Contacts Builder ET


4. SalesForce Data Extension and A/B Testing

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is now integrated with Salesforce.  You can easily segment lists in Salesforce, send them through ET Marketing Cloud, and view tracking in both applications.  Marketers can get a complete view of how a contact, lead, or account responds to email campaigns with real-time email tracking data in Salesforce.  ET has also added new A/B testing features.  For example you can send two pieces of content to your list (a portion of your list gets one and another portion gets the other) to see which performs better and this will tell you how your subscribers prefer to interact with your content.  Whichever gets better engagement is sent to the rest of your list.

Salesforce integration ET

5. Drag and Drop Segmentation

Navigating and editing contact lists has been simplified with their “Drag and Drop segmenting” feature.  You can easily drag and drop different contacts into lists as a simple way to filter subscribers and send targeted and relevant messages to a selected group.