What’s New in 2015?

2014 was a huge year for StoryPorts as we launched the business, began our residency at Cintrifuse and served up some really exciting projects for our clients like The Honest Company and Guggenheim Museum. On top of all that, the StoryPorts product team continues to innovate and build features that help marketers connect and extend their content marketing reach.

As we look forward to 2015, we wanted to highlight some of the features and capabilities that are coming down the road.

Real-Time Insights


We are excited to introduce Real-Time Insights to help marketers see their engagement and content reach across their Email, Mobile, Social and Site campaigns. In addition to being able to see what devices are in use, marketers will be able to see where in the world views are coming from and how long people are actively engaging with the content… all in real-time!

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CaptureHubs help businesses engage their audience by providing beautiful, functional content and social hubs feature-built by marketers for marketers. Easily find, curate and aggregate all of your best brand-made and fan-made content into a single Capture experience. Use @mentions and #hashtags to demonstrate social proof, gate your best content and deliver an experience that increases visitors time on your website.

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WebClips is a simple tool that helps marketers “clip” content from any website for easy use in their email campaigns, website or blog. Just input the URL for the page you want to clip. Hover over any space on a webpage to define the featured image, title, description, author and call to action. This content can be automatically syndicated to any email, website or blog and update itself any time the website changes.

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ContentRadar Approvals


Approvals add a whole new level of Content Control for automated video, news or product alerts. Approvals automatically notify stakeholders by email when there is new content to take action on. With a single click from any device, stakeholders can either approve or reject the content. If approved, StoryPorts automatically puts the content into the email and sends the email to the preset audience.

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HTML5 Video in Email


The ability to play videos inside of emails is one of the most common requests that we get. Although videos still can’t play on all email clients, significant advances with HTML5 allow us to begin playing videos directly from email campaigns. VideoMail let’s marketers embed and play their videos from directly within email campaigns on devices that are supported. For those subscribers who aren’t on supported devices, a fall back to animated Gif or static image is presented instead.

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