Client Spotlight- The Honest Company

Honest Comapny


Founded by an impassioned Jessica Alba and launched in 2011, The Honest Company brings eco-friendly and chemical-free products to the home.  The company is highly regarded in its industry for its efforts in ethical consumerism and its charitable donations.  They are also a force to be reckoned with, with a predicted annual revenue of $150 million for 2014 and a valuation of $1 billion.

StoryPorts is thrilled to be helping our client The Honest Co. with their content marketing by bringing their latest blog posts straight to their readers inbox via Content (Radar).  Content (Radar), an option within our Content (Ctrl) app, listens for new content from any source and sends scheduled, real-time, daily, weekly or monthly alerts and digests out to subscribers.  With the Honest Co., Content (Radar) checks for new blog posts daily, and when a new post has been published within that 24 hour period, it will automatically be curated into an elegant custom branded email template design and sent to subscribers.  Check out The Honest Company’s email template:

Honest Company Picture for blog

We have worked closely with The Honest Co. Email Marketing Manager, Sue Cho, to listen to the company’s needs and desires to create a perfect solution.  We set up several specific characteristics to create the best system for The Honest Company:

  •  The content is never displayed twice.
  • Automated monitoring and send processing was put in place with blog-to-email syndication.
  • Pre-flight  previews are sent to all admin at the Honest Co. for approval before the email is sent to the public.
  • It is mobile responsive.

Cho was kind enough to give us feedback on the work we did with her and her Honest Company team:

Honest Company Testimonial


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