Sweet! WordPress just updated their IOS app allowing bloggers to easily create new posts on the go from an iPhone or iPad, so I naturally had to see what all the buzz was about.  So here I am, currently writing this post… with my thumbs. So far I am impressed.


Here’s what the update promises:

  • A “what you see is what you get” UI visual editor, allowing you to add rich text, links and lists easily as you type, as well as a one tap image upload. I tried it out and sure enough I added the below screenshot from our previous blog post, 5 Tips for Building Social Proof, in about 3 seconds. This is much faster than uploading on a desktop.

5 Tips for Building Social Proof


  • Several updates to make image editing easier on posts and pages, and the removal of bugs in image size editing.  
  • Overall easier navigation, specifically between account settings and site management.

Our Verdict

The new UI updates speed-up the mobile blogging process by making editing, saving drafts and adding images quick and simple.  It’s extremely easy to use as their “WYSIWYG” visual editor is literally just that, what you see is what you get. Blogging on-the-go has been optimized with the updates.

The only drawback was hyperlinking text, as it was a little inconvenient to jump in and out of the app to copy and paste links from web sources, only a minor inconvenience but linking is definitely faster on a desktop.  There is also no option to make a line of text into a header, which could be problematic.

How can this update affect StoryPorts clients?

We’ve got a number of clients who are using our WordPress Connector to build automated newsletters, blog to email digests and add posts to social content hubs. This update helps our clients capture content anywhere and distribute it everywhere… on a plane, train or automobile. How easy is that?

For our clients using Content Radar to trigger real-time automated news, video alerts or blog updates this means that they can trigger alerts from their mobile by simply creating a new post from anyplace, anytime. Exciting stuff.

And in all seriousness. Be prepared for a thumb work out!