Social and email

So you’ve started using social media in email and you’re disappointed at the results. Don’t fret: social in email yields great results when done correctly, so you may be making one of these simple mistakes:

You’re telling fans what they already know. Sending a social email about the trends or posts from two weeks ago is not effective. Social media is very time sensitive, so it’s important to stay relevant and include content that your fans may have recently missed.

You’re overwhelming them. Sending a social email everyday probably isn’t the way to go unless you’re having a special event or conference. The idea of social email is to show fans what they may have missed, not be a substitute for your Facebook feed.

You’re boring them. The most important thing about social email is that it’s interesting to your readers. Feature your best content: Facebook posts with a lot of comments and engagement, Tweets with lots of re-tweets, YouTube videos that are on the brink of going viral. In general, it’s better to send emails less frequently but have awesome content than to overload a fan’s inbox with boring emails.