You may know Red Bull from their energy drinks, but they do much more than produce beverages. Their brand has become a major publishing empire known for their bold content marketing strategies.

Here are a few things they do that make them one of the best content producers out there:

    The Red Bulletin: along with being its own agency, Red Bull is also its own publisher. The Red Bulletin, Red Bull Media House’s flagship publication, has articles, interviews, sports, and much more online content available. And none of it even mentions the Red Bull energy drink. Additionally, the Red Bulletin is printed as a monthly magazine to reach an even larger audience.

    Social Media Presence: the Red Bull Media House takes care of all the major parts of Red Bull’s content marketing, including their presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube. Over 300 million views on YouTube make Red Bull Media House one of the top five producers of sports content in the world.

    Hitting All The Bases With Digital Content: in addition to their website and magazine, Red Bull Media House takes charge of producing web TV, web Radio, apps, online games, and much more. Red Bull TV, Red Bulletin, and Red Bull Illume HD are all apps for the iPhone and iPad that produce Red Bull’s content. They also have games on Facebook and RedBull.com that host sporting events, like the widely popular Soapbox Racer game.