Instagram recently introduced their new complementary app, Layout. They’ve used several third party apps in the past, such as PicStich and Flipagram, but Layout is their first complementary app for editing photos. Here are five things to know about Instagram’s Layout:


Sharing Pictures: photos taken and collages created on Layout are easily saved or shared on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps to allow the user to shows their photos wherever they’d like.
PhotoBooth: On Layout, Instagram added the PhotoBooth feature, which allows you to take a quick sequence of four photos. While it can only be used on the front-facing camera, users have said that it is much more enjoyable than other photo booth apps because of it’s simplicity.
Layouts and Features: Layout allows the user to build photo collages, with up to nine photos per collage. A “replace” button is available to easily switch one picture for another, and features are available to edit the collage, such as zooming, resizing, rearranging, flipping, and mirroring.
Simplicity: Instead of adding more features to their own app, Instagram made Layout to keep with their trend of being simple and uncomplicated. Layout doesn’t include stickers, filters, borders, or videos to keep it elegant and uncluttered, and the easy-to-use features and designs serve to improve the experience for users as they customize their photos.
Can’t Help But Love It: brands such as Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, and Shutterfly have all used the app, and users are loving it, too.
Face finder: Pictures on Instagram with faces are 38% more likely to get likes than pictures without them, and Instagram knows its users love to get likes. Layout has a “faces” button that sorts through the photos on your phone and pulls up all the ones featuring faces to easily put together a perfect collage.