Social media sites and online marketers often struggle to gain subscribers because of their complicated registration process. Studies show that 90% of visitors will go to a different site rather than going through the process of retrieving a lost password or creating a new account. To avoid this, social login has become increasingly popular in the online community, and here’s why:


  • Convenience For The User: Social login is much simpler than the usual registration process, which gives the users a better experience. Because of its convenient set-up, social login convinces visitors to stay on the website longer instead of going to another page. More time spent on the site increases search rankings as well as improving the likelihood of gaining a new subscriber
  • Repeat Customers and Increased Users: By giving users an easy way to register for an account on your site, you don’t only improve their experience, you also increase the probability of that customer returning to your site, as well as encouraging them to share their experience with more people
  • Personalized Content: Social login gives websites access to a user’s personal content on the network they used to connect with your site. This allows the site to personalize the content it presents to the user by plugging in criteria such as age, gender, interests, occupation, and location, which gives the user a much more satisfying experience