Webinar: Ask the Expert – Itay Rahat from Warner Music Group

Check out the video of our Ask The Expert webinar with Itay Rahat, Sr. Director, CRM Warner Music Group. We had a great time together and the interview was very informative. Listen along as a master of digital marketing discusses WMG’s award-winning tour alerts program, built together with StoryPorts.



In this Interview, we heard about WMG’s award-winning tour notifications and learn Itay’s tips for managing a lean email operations team. Hot on the heels of 2 prestigious digital marketing awards, StoryPorts got some 1:1 time to go deep on how it works.

Itay Rahat is an expert is CRM and Email Marketing Operations for Warner Music Group. In that role, Itay helps support sophisticated CRM, email and direct-to-fan marketing programs across hundreds of artists, labels and campaigns worldwide.