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The problem we didn’t know we were solving…

When we began building Content (Ctrl), we thought that we were building  a solution to help email marketers create better, faster and more social email marketing campaigns. And without a doubt, Content (Ctrl) is a highly effective email marketing tool.

But as we’ve deployed video alerts for Universal Music Group, weekly blog digests for The Guggenheim Museum, a social hub for TV Land, tweets in newsletters for MacMillan Publishing  and daily social digests for Outside Lands Festival, we’ve come to realize that we’ve got something on our hands much, much larger than just an email marketing tool. We have a content marketing solution that solves one of content marketing’s biggest problems… portability.

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz.com, has a great presentation on Why Content Marketing Fails. This presentation is both wildly entertaining and highly insightful. Anybody who has been around the intrawebz for awhile can relate….

Why Content Marketing Fails

As Rand points out in his presentation, “Content needs to reach people to reach it’s potential.” One reason content marketing fails to reach its potential is that it typically lives in silos and doesn’t get distributed or amplified outside of its originating channel. With portable content, marketers can fight the “The Flatline of Nope” by amplifying content through multi-channel touchpoints and re-circulating content across email, mobile, social, websites and sponsored sites. Kind of like this:

Email Marketing Strategy and Results


Introducing StoryPorts…

I began to talk to my partners about the broader problems that Content (Ctrl) was solving last spring, and their excitement grew. They got it immediately. My partner Dan Heimbrock said, “That is a BIG idea,” and my partner MarcDavid Cohn called it “Content Recycling.” By summer, these guys had enabled me to split off our application set to form a new platform-focused business named StoryPorts.



So after 10 years of building FanMail (AKA FanCentric), I’m shifting roles to take Content (Ctrl) and the other applications to the next level and I’m pleased to announce that these application are now part of the StoryPorts platform.

Unlike many tech startups, we’re fortunate to be way beyond just a great idea. Having incubated this technology for the past three years inside of FanMail, we are built entirely on client needs and client feedback every step of the way. We have real brands using our tools, real success, case studies and real revenue coming through the door.

In addition, we’ve raised an initial round of seed capital to get the business off the ground, and we have a residency at Cincinnati’s greatest startup community, Cintrifuse.

Learn More about StoryPorts

I’ll be hosting two lunch-n-learn webinars in the beginning of October for a sneak-peek at what StoryPorts is planning.

If you’d like to connect one-on-one, feel free to drop me an email at david@storyports.com to chat or check my calendar openings.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to building something awesome together.

– David DeVore | StoryPorts Founder & CEO