Video Storytelling In Your Social Media Marketing

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Video storytelling is a great way to increase engagement on social media. Sharing a story encourages people to share your content, and gives them something interesting to talk about. Done correctly, telling your story by video can be very beneficial to your company and your audience. Here are 5 ways to incorporate video storytelling into social media:

1) Videos of Customer Stories: To establish an emotional connection with your audience, share their video stories. This is a great way to connect with and engage your customers. Plus, potential customers value other customer’s opinions more than any other

2) Create a Fictional Series: Producing a video series that includes the product or service you are selling is a compelling way to interest the audience in your company. Kate Spade’s Missadventure series, starring Anna Kendrick, is one example of an engaging story that brings the audience’s attention to their products

3) Documentary Videos: Shooting documentary style videos about specific topics is a great way to interest your audience with true, current stories that connect with your company. These types of videos should star someone that connects with your story, further helping to engage your audience

4) Behind-the-Scenes: Videos that take your viewers behind-the-scenes are a fun, intriguing way to spread the word about the service or product your company provides. Choose someone in your business who is in a position to share a lot of information and is natural at storytelling to take your customers backstage for an exclusive VIP experience

5) How-To’s: These are very popular because people love to learn how to do something new. Videos are a great format to teach viewers how to accomplish a project or task, and inspire them to try it out for themselves. The Home Depot is one example of a company that produces videos that show the audience project-related stories