To use video to effectively market your business, you’ll need to know the types of video to use. Different situations call for different types of videos, and using the wrong kind can give you the opposite effect. Here are four ways to use videos effectively to drive your traffic and conversions:

1) Product Videos: according to Invodo, readers are 64% more likely to buy a product if they seen a video about it. Producing promotional videos for your product will help increase your sales and get you new customers. If you’re selling a service instead of a product you can use videos to explain how your services will help customers

2) How-To Videos: Studies show that one in three millennials purchased a product after watching a how-to video about it. How-to videos are for viewers with problems that need solving or skills they want to learn. These videos are solely there to instruct your audience, so you won’t want to try and promote your product at the same time

3) Screencasts: to cut down on the amount of customer service calls that you get, you should definitely try using screencasts. By creating videos that answer some of your customers’ most common questions, you show them what they need to know and at the same time you interest new users in your company

4) Testimonials: by using testimonials, you can show your audience that users value your products and services. It’s easy to ask some of your customers to record a video for you that includes their experiences with your company, and doing by this, gain the interest and trust of lots of new viewers