Let’s face it: Facebook was cool a few years back, but now? It’s become a refuge for worn-out parents looking for something interesting on social media. Teens have moved on from Facebook, so what are they using now, and why? Let’s have a look:

  • Instagram: this is one the the most popular social apps among younger age groups for a number of reasons. It’s straightforward and simple to use, you don’t need to deal with long-winded status updates, and the ability to share and edit pictures easily makes it one of the go-to social apps for teens.
  • Snapchat: this has been growing in popularity for a while now, and since My Story was created, it’s become even more widely used. Some of the perks of Snapchat are that you don’t have to worry about followers, advertisements, and overwhelming news feeds. There’s no pressure to get more followers or likes and comments on your pictures. Teens use it as a way to express themselves or share certain moments without the pressure that other social media sites have.
  • Twitter: among high-school kids, Twitter is an outlet to post complaints, but also a quick way to search among all the trending hashtags to see what’s popular among their group of friends. Retweeting is also an easy way to participate on social media without having to post anything yourself, which is an appealing aspect for a lot of teenagers.
  • Tumblr: this site is a secret society in a way; because of the lack of identity on the site, teens have a lot of freedom of self-expression. Instead of following people that you know in real life, you get to follow strangers who share your interests. This makes Tumblr a judgement-free zone, which is why many teens use Tumblr as a refuge to be themselves.