Customize your emails just like you customize your ice-cream with topppings

When it comes to email marketing, customization is key. Here are some of the best ways to customize your email marketing campaigns:

Customize the content. Customize the types of content that your subscribers receive based on their interests. Specializing the content to the subscriber means they are more likely to open, read, and engage with your emails.

Customize the frequency. It’s common practice to give subscribers options as to how often they will receive emails from you. Pay attention to your open rates: If subscribers are only opening your emails once a week, don’t send more than necessary.

Customize the timing. This is less about customizing to the individual and more about paying attention to when your customers are opening your emails. It may seem obvious, but if you can pinpoint when the majority of your audience is opening your emails, you can schedule your sends to match this time to increase engagement.