Hosted by The America Marketing Association, David DeVore (StoryPorts) and Heike Young (Salesforce) discuss how to use recycled content to drive email marketing campaigns.

To be successful, content has to actually reach your customers. By plugging your existing content streams into email automations, newsletters, drip campaigns, customer journeys, and triggered notifications, organizations are increasing productivity, saving time, maximizing content ROI, and building engagement — and reaching more people in the process.
In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage blog feeds, social streams, video playlists, event calendars, and product specials to automate and enhance email campaigns. We’ll discuss both the strategy behind a content automation program as well as some easy tactics to get started. Lastly, we’ll look as some real examples to drive engagement, building a strategic approach customer journey.

From this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • The marketer’s dilemma and how extending content reach drives maximum ROI
  • How marketers can use existing brand-made and fan-made content in their email campaigns
  • Real world examples of interactive emails and customer journeys that work to drive engagement
  • 3 quick wins and tactical next steps to begin putting these strategies to work in your business

About the presenters:

Heike Young, Content Innovation Lead, Salesforce
David DeVore, Founder & CEO, StoryPorts