StoryPorts is now free for small businesses, teachers, community healthcare and more.

Like many people, I spent the week huddled at home, wrangling the new challenges of home-schooling my children and a bleak outlook for the economy and jobs. I’ve been watching parents struggle to find childcare as they go off to do the hard work of police officers, doctors and nurses. I’ve been watching my friend’s small businesses close their doors and reach out frantically worried about how to pay their bills.

In many ways the team that runs StoryPorts is lucky. We’re a software business. Working remote is our norm. We’re bootstrapped, profitable and have a buffer for business continuity.

All of that leaves us wondering, “what can we do to help?”

Starting today, we are offering all of our StoryPorts tools and capabilities for free to help teachers, schools, healthcare and small businesses. That includes:

Smart Blocks
And Workflows

We’re working on getting a self-serve signup and onboarding. This will take a little bit of time. In the short term, if you or somebody you know could use StoryPorts please drop an email to and we’ll get it setup.