What is social proof? Social proof in marketing is trusting the word of your fellow consumers over that of a company. Makes sense, right? If a restaurant ran a commercial saying they have the best steaks in town, you’d probably dismiss it. If, however, your best friend told you that the restaurant had the best steak they’d ever eaten, you’d trust them.

Social proof is a highly effective marketing tool, and better yet, it is inexpensive and easy to use. Here are some great tips to incorporating social proof into your digital marketing:


Use real customer feedback in your marketing. Knowing that customers trust customers, feature their real feedback in your marketing plan. Showcase social media posts in emails and in advertising campaigns to show that your company is loved by customers.

Make it easy for fans to provide social proof. If you want your fans or subscribers to provide social proof for your business, make it easy for them. Provide links to your social media channels in your emails and encourage your fans to talk about their experiences with you product.

NEVER bribe fans into providing reviews. While it can be tempting, never bribe fans into writing reviews. Customers are trained to spot a fake, and if the review doesn’t feel genuine, they will in fact LOSE trust in your brand. If you have a great product or service, your fans will want to say nice things about you.

Are you using social proof in your marketing? What are your tips and tricks?