Be Smart: Get More Out of Your Facebook Ads

FB Ads Analytics


Facebook does a great job of making it easy for your company to display ads, but chances are you could do more to use this great business driving tool at its full potential. Below, I demonstrate a few quick ways to change what you are doing today and see positive change right away. Here are 3 tips to improve your Facebook ad campaigns and save some money in the process:

1. Split Test Your Ads: When running an ad campaign with only one version of the ad, you don’t have the requisite data to compare your results against. Split testing is your best option to improve this process. Instead of using one single ad, use at least 5 photos, 2 ad texts, and 2 titles. Check each ad combination, and eliminate the ones that aren’t performing well.  You will save money on ads, by only having the best-performing combinations live

2. Segment Your Reporting Data & Make Adjustments: You want to make smart, quick decisions on ads to keep, and ads to drop. For example, if you have a maximum budget for each website conversion and your costs keep going over budget, you’ll need to adjust. Go to Reports>Breakdown and eliminate the areas that don’t make as much money. This way, you stay within your target budget and your money can be focused on the more profitable areas of your campaign

3. Build Priority Lists For Your Campaigns: Target your ads by purpose and priority of the conversion. By doing so, you are ensuring your efforts are focused to increase sales. Here’s a basic outline of what your priorities should be:

  • Top Priority: (Users Who Are Ready To Buy) Prioritize ad viewers which have bought a product in the past or viewed a product, but did not buy. These campaigns can be used to give them one last push towards purchase. Target your ads to these users to give your campaign a strong foundation of conversions, without spending too much money
  • Mid-Priority: (Users Who Are Familiar With Your Brand) Once you’ve finished with top-priority users, move on to target users who’ve visited your site or come in contact with your brand, but haven’t viewed any products or made purchases. Focus your ads on this group to get acquire new customers and continue to engage the “fence riders”
  • Low Priority: (Users Who’ve Never Heard Of Your Brand) The final step is to target users who’ve never heard of your brand, and while they are much trickier to convert, this is a necessary step. They’ll take longer to convert, so be patient, and keep your ads engaging to interest them from the get-go