How to Install StoryPorts App For Salesforce Marketing Cloud 


Today, we’re excited to announce StoryPorts’ newest productivity app for the Salesforce Hub Marketing Exchange. With this integration you can:

  1. Access your StoryPorts account from directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud without a separate login.
  2. Stream real-time content from anywhere online into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Smart Blocks, Emails and Cloud Pages.
  3. Trigger news alerts, media alerts, customer journeys, automated newsletters and more.

Try StoryPorts Free for 7 Days

  1. Visit
  2. Run the Install steps on your Saleforce Marketing Cloud Account
  3. Claim your free account, fill out information and Begin Using

For Existing StoryPorts Customers

Before to install the Salesforce Marketing Cloud App. Be sure to remove you existing API username credentials from inside your StoryPorts account.

  1. Log into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, and find the Hub Exchange Marketplace.
  2. Go to apps, select the StoryPorts app on the left-hand side.
  3. Drag the card until you see, “Add to my Cloud.”
  4. Approve permission requests which will allow the app to communicate with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.
  5. Enter your StoryPorts account username and password which will link the account.

Now, you can directly navigate within Salesforce Marketing Cloud to your StoryPorts account. The integration is built on Salesforce’s world-class security and infrastructure.