Rock the Basics: 3 Quick Tips For Engaging Emails

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The best digital marketers in the world value the importance of rocking the basics in email marketing. While many marketers are delighted by the next shiny object, those that build strong core strategies and focus on what is successful in their efforts are able to stay above the hoi polloi and keep their audiences engaged and responsive. Below are 3 tips to help to build up your basics and dramatically improve your email marketing:

1. Use Social Proof: Customers tend to trust what other customers think, and for this reason, social proof is a great tool to use in email marketing. Try including a piece of data highlighting customer engagement to boost engagement from new customers

2. Use Buttons: Buttons are a sure-fire way to increase click-through rates in email. Try adding buttons with a call-to-action, and set them up in a contrasting color or give them a 3D effect to catch the reader’s eye

3. Make People Happy: Whether you share a small gift, tell a good joke or story, or let your readers know they’ve earned a reward or discount, making users happy is easy and engaging. Set up your “happy email” with an engaging subject line, a bright, appealing layout, and a bold statement to make the email even more enticing