Optimizing your video content is vital to having it show up in search engines, and videos make up a huge portion of content on the internet today. With YouTube being the most popular video site, it is an absolute must and hugely beneficial to utilize the video service. Here are 4 steps towards YouTube video optimization: 

1. Title & Description: Both your title and description should contain key words and phrases you want associated with your content. It would also be helpful to have a URL in your description that links to your blog or website. Keep the title within 66 characters and the description 2 to 3 sentences long so they don’t get cut off

2. Tags: It’s important to have 5-7 tags for your videos so that it can be associated with similar videos. This helps get more views from viewers interested in your content

3. Views: YouTube shows viewers videos that have a high number of views, because this indicates they are more popular and better quality. Because of this, it’s important to get as many viewers as possible to watch your videos. Try putting links to your videos on your blog, website, or other social media sites to increase your views

4. Inbound Links/Embeds: Both inbound links (links to your videos on another site) and embedded videos (videos displayed on other sites by embedding code) help boost search engine ranking. To get other blogs or sites to share your videos, contact ones that will likely share your content. By opening similar videos to yours, you can click on “Show Video Statistics” and then “Significant Discovery Events” to find other platforms to share your content