We’re excited to announce that StoryPorts customer can now use their Litmus account to preview your emails in over 50+ email clients and devices, directly within StoryPorts’ interface.

With Litmus you’ll never send another broken email. Instantly preview your campaigns in over 50 different email clients before you send it out to your list (or your boss). Litmus takes lightning-fast screenshots that represent exactly what your recipients see so you can quickly identify and fix problems with your campaign.

To access the Litmus integration, just look for the Litmus icon in the Email Studio. You will need to connect with your active Litmus account the first time you use the feature. Once connected, you will easily be able to render email previews using Litmus, right inside of your account!

Here is a video of our own David DeVore showing how to hook up Litmus to your account:



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