In content marketing, it can be a challenge to create engaging content that also gains new customers. Without planning and consideration of the audience, content produced by a brand often times goes unnoticed. Social media provides a unique opportunity to form a relationship with potential customers and encourage them to share your content. This can be a great asset and here are 4 ways that social media and engagement applications can help to bring in followers:


  • Let Your Audience Vote: fans and followers love to have a say in decisions made by companies they patronize. Letting them vote- be it for a product, design, marketing theme, or whatever you choose- gives your brand insight on what your audience is interested in. Voting also encourages readers to share what they voted for, and they’ll be more likely to continue taking part in decisions that your brand asks for their input
  • Personalize Your Audience’s Brand Experience: customizing your audience’s experience with your brand, based off their social media profiles, gives them unique and interesting content that keeps them coming back for more. Engagement apps are a great way to personalize a user’s experience by showing them products, services, studies, and a variety of other things that are tailored to their interests
  • Ask Your Audience To Contribute Content: Ask your audience to contribute relevant content to your brand. This makes them feel like they’re an important part of your company and will help your brand create new, consumer-related content. This type of connectivity boosts viewer engagement
  • Challenge Your Audience’s Knowledge: whether it’s with quizzes, polls, or questions on social media, challenging your followers’ knowledge is one of the best ways to interest and engage them. Questions can teach them something new and fun, and they can share their results on social media, which gains you attention and new customers