Introducing Google Fonts for Email & Enterprise Workflow Sharing

For those who follow our release updates on page, you’ll know that we recently pushed a fun little pack of updates. Here are some of the highlights!

Google Fonts for Email

Let’s face it, the traditional set of web-safe fonts are so boring. Thankfully, Google provides a library of 818 fonts that web developers use to make their websites look more modern, elegant and all around snazzy. While not supported by all email clients, Google fonts are supported in well over 65% of all email opens. The email clients that don’t support Google Fonts will “fallback” to a similar web safe font of your choosing.

We are happy to announce that now all 818 fonts can be used with StoryPorts themes, templates, emails and Smart Blocks. When creating or modifying your StoryPorts theme, just choose a Google Font / font fallback to apply and preview your stylish typography masterpiece instantaneously. Want to see how it renders across email clients, just use the handy instant previews from Litmus.

New Email Templates

Many StoryPorts customers use entirely customized templates that are near pixel perfect replications of their brand standards. The StoryPorts Lookbook showcases some great examples of this bespoke approach.

Custom templates are great, but increasingly we’ve been asked for a library great out of the box templates that look great, are easily customizable and are ready for common business use cases.

We are happy to announce a whole new template library layout that includes 8 new empty templates and 8 new basic templates. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see additional themed and basic templates come rolling off the ‘ol HTML press. Watch out!

Enterprise Email Sharing

One of the core tenets of efficiency is repeatability. Across large distributed organizations, it is important for email and CRM operations managers to control the brand while giving editors and product managers the ability to build great emails in a way that is repeatable and controllable.

We are excited to roll out enterprise Template, Theme and Module Sharing. This feature allows operations managers to build a single email asset and share it across all accounts in the company.