Introducing the Customer Confidential: Customer-only Webinars

We love talking to our clients and partners. Seriously, every team member makes it a point to try and talk to at least 1 customer every day. It is a core part of our culture and values. We love hearing about their businesses, what works, what doesn’t work and where they are innovating. We’re fortunate that our clients are some of the most sophisticated interactive marketers in the world who are constantly pushing boundaries and trying new things.

As we were thinking about better ways to connect with our customer, one idea seemed to particularly stand out. Let’s get our clients together and give them a place to learn something new, interact with their peers and get tips and ideas on what other marketers are doing to make email and content marketing more productive and more effective.

Introducing The Customer Confidential!

The Customer Confidential is a 2x monthly open-forum enablement session where any StoryPorts client can join and ask any question you’d like. But we don’t want to put people on the spot either, so each Customer Confidential session will have a theme as well.

Upcoming themes will include:

  • Tuesday October 18, 3-4pm ET – Search and Stream Content For Email
  • Tuesday November 1, 3-4pm ET – Perfecting Design with Themes and Custom Modules
  • Tuesday November 15,3-4pm ET – Fetch and Clip from Websites Anywhere
  • Tuesday December 13, 3-3:30pm ET – StoryPorts Smart Blocks, Easy Email Content

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**If it wasn’t obvious, Customer Confidential is only for StoryPorts customers and partners. You know who you are.

The Customer Confidential will be hosted by:

  • Tom Reed, Sr Director of Technology
  • Mark Campbell, Sr Director of Customer Success.

Below is the full calendar of upcoming Customer Confidential events. Feel to copy events to your own calendar.