[Important Update] Instagram Depricates Public User Search API

Yesterday afternoon, without notice, Instagram accelerated the depreciation of their API Platform relevant to public user search, making a number of changes effective immediately. Unfortunately, these changes will cause StoryPorts customers using Instagram Public User Search to no longer be able to retrieve Instagram posts. Although Instagram Public “User” Search will no longer be available, “Your Posts” and “Hashtag” search will continue to be available. This means that users must have the credentials for the Instagram account for whose posts/images they’d like StoryPorts to retrieve.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience that this change may cause and StoryPorts is working with our partners to help with the transition. We are also working on long-term solutions for Instagram content as we understand that it is an important channel for many customers.

The Impact to Customers:

  • Any email with a Content (Ctrl) Instagram block will trigger ExactTarget Salesforce Marketing Cloud Raise Error function and stop the email sending process. If this happens, customers will receive a notification to the email associated with the StoryPorts account. They should also receive a notification from ExactTarget. Please remove or replace the content blocks and restart your email sending again.
  • Any Instagram public “User” search in StoryPorts Studio will fail and return an error message that the endpoint no longer exists.
  • Any Email or SmartBlock with an Instagram Stream using public “User” search:
    • In App Search – Will display an error message in the email body where the Instagram Stream was inserted.
    • On Email Publish or Send – No content block will display. The area will remain empty and will not display any error message or other embarrassing information.

Solution Steps and Recommendations:

In order to continue to retrieve Instagram posts, you will want to transition from Public “User” Search to “Your Posts”. This means that you must authenticate the Instagram Content Connector inside of StoryPorts with user’s credentials for whom you want to retrieve posts.

  • Content(Ctrl) Users: 
    • Navigate to Connectors / Instagram
    • Re-Authenticate all Channels to User Credentials for media you want to be displayed
    • Access Content Blocks and Clear Search Fields for Hashtag Search and User Search. This will display the authenticated user’s media by default.
    • Republish
    • Note: Any email with Content Ctrl Instagram block will trigger ET Raise Error and fail the email send.
  • StoryPorts Studio and Smart Block Users: 
    • Navigate to StoryPorts Studio
    • On Search, Select Instagram
    • Under the Instagram Icon, Select the drop-down arrow
    • A dialogue will appear. Select the Gear Icon
    • Select Re-Authenticate. 
    • Re-Authenticate all Channels to User Credentials for media you want to be displayed
    • If you have multiple channels, do the same process for each channel.
    • Remove old Instagram Streams and replace with updated “Your Posts” Stream.

If you have any questions or problems in the least, please contact StoryPorts Customer Success at hello@storyports.com and they are standing by to assist.


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