Barneys New York uses Pinterest in email

Pinterest is a much under-rated social media platform, especially when it comes to email. Would you believe that over 43% of consumers use Pinterest to interact and associate with brands that they like? It’s true! Here are some ways to use Pinterest in email:

Share Your Boards. Share boards that are relevant to your brand with your fans. These boards may give ideas on how to use your product or service, show other products relevant to yours, or provide ideas on new ways to use your product. Studies show that 69% of consumers who browsed Pinterest found an item they ultimately purchased or wanted to purchase. Don’t miss your chance to be seen!

Feature Related Boards. Stream other boards into your email to give fans a look into what your brand likes. This gives your brand depth and gives your fans ideas of other items or experiences to use/support your product.

Hold a Contest. Pinterest contests are a great way to get your fans to interact with your boards. Have fans pin their favorite pictures of your product to a board you create, or have them create their own with pictures that they feel relate to your brand and reward the best board or picture with a discount code or special feature on your site.

Share your great ideas about using Pinterest in email below!