Millennials-born between 1980 and early 2000’s-have $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. This means they are very important targets for your business. But how can you get them to read your blog? What would interest them enough to become your customers? Here are 5 ways to get millennial’s reading your blogs:

1) Segment Posts: to find the most ideal market for your business, you’ll need to be specific when it comes to topics on your blog. Age isn’t the only factor to take into account; you’ll need to segment your posts based on the interests of your audience to get the attention of millennials.

2) Relevance: when millennials are your target audience, your content should be relevant to these three factors; location, age, and cultural interests. When you fine-tune your posts to make them relevant to your readers, it will help you win over more customers.

3) Practicality: relevance isn’t the only concern. How-to’s, life hacks, and similar posts will get you new readers who are drawn to the possibility of learning something new or helpful, so make sure your content has practicality to interest new customers.

4) Short And Sweet: 41% of millennials dislike content that is too long, so minding your length is key to keeping their interests. Try writing your posts in short simple formats to avoid turning away potential customers. Lists work great.

5) Hashtags: millennials love hashtags, so try using them in your blog content or campaign. A bonus to this is that millennials will be more likely to share your posts with hashtags on social media sites, which will widen your reach even further.