Images have the ability to either increase your conversion rate or turn away potential followers. The bland, generic, low-quality photography? That’s not going to work. Here are five tips to help you choose the images that sell instead of images that fall flat:


1) Don’t Compromise On Quality: When choosing images, never go with the low-quality, pixelated photos that are far too common. You’ll want clear, sharp, high-resolution photos that will draw your viewers in. And don’t worry about the cost; there are many resources, such as Foter, Magdeleine,  and Canva, that offer a wide range of high-quality images for free.


2) Use Powerful Images: Viewers should at least have a basic idea of your message based off the image alone, without having to read the text. Use photos that embody the point you’re making by incorporating emotions, actions, or other strong techniques in the graphic.


3) Use Images With Strong Emotions: One of the best ways to engage and connect with your audience is to use images that play on their emotions. Based off what point you’re trying to get across, choose images with emotions that connect to that. By doing this, viewers will have a stronger emotional connection to your brand, which will make them more likely to come back.


4) Optimize Your Images For Search: by optimizing your images for search you help your brand get a lot more traffic from Google Images and other search engines. You can do this by tagging the product, the subject, the brand, and the message.


5) Choose Photos With Eye Catching Color: Color is one of the best ways to get a reader’s attention because it appeals to their senses. Use photos with bright, eye-catching colors that stand out so that you keep your audience interested and engaged.