Combining email with social media benefits you

Perhaps you’re still skeptical of syndicated content. The thought that syndicating your Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos and other content right into your emails could be faster, easier and more cost effective seems too good to be true. Great news: There’s an easy way to calculate your savings.

The equation is simple. Syndicating content into your email is 7 times more cost effective than building email in a traditional way. Take the cost per hour that it takes you to build emails and multiply it by the number hours it takes to build your email, then divide it by 7.

For example: $45 (per hour to pay the staff to build the email) x 20 (hours to build the email = $900 for traditional, boring email content.

Now. Take the $900 and divide it by 7: $128.57 is the cost of your syndicated email.

Could you imagine having over $700 in savings for every email that you build? What would you do with the extra money in your budget?