Did you know that 23% of teens consider instagram their favorite social network? And did you know that every day about 75 Million people use instagram? That’s a lot of #hashtags and @mentions.

There are two great ways to use Instagram in email to increase engagement and drive social conversations:

  1. Search for #hashtags and @mentions to find what FANS are saying about an artist, album or tour. Display the top Fan-Made content to build social trust and fuel the social conversation.
  2. Search for the official brand account to include in your email. Putting your brand-made social content into email campaigns extends the lifespan of an Instagram post and increases engagement, likes, shares and conversation on social!

To help, we’ve created this short video about how to use Instagram in your email marketing campaigns.  Signup for free to give it a try!

Need a little more inspiration? Check out how Outside Lands Festival doubled their social chatter using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook content in their emails.