The future of the email inbox is morphing.  Google is unveiling Inbox, the standalone email app that is reinventing how we view, utilize, and interact with our inboxes in an effort to make email life easier.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. Bundles

Gone are the days of the Gmail email lists.  Inbox will now intelligently group incoming emails into “bundles” such as promotions into one bundle, purchases in another, or travel itineraries in a third.  The intention of bundling is to successfully sort relevant vs. non relevant emails and subject matter into an easy to access folder that makes sense for users.

Google Inbox Bundles


2. A New Way of Viewing Emails: Layout and Subject Line

Within the bundles, emails will now display the critical email information (i.e. flight times, dinner reservations, photographs) within the subject line showing a quick summary of its content.  You can RSVP or check-in for flights within the subject line without having to spend time opening each email.  The general layout has also been streamlined.  Color is replaced by a white background and relevant imagery (sender profile picture and internal email content) is heavily used to serve as quick visual reminder to the user of what the email is and who sent it.

Google Inbox Subject Line


 3. Add Reminders and Snooze Emails

Inbox will allow you to add reminders to the top of your inbox so important deadlines or events mentioned in emails won’t be lost in bundles.  Users can also hit “snooze” on selected emails that are not urgent but need to be reviewed at a later time.

Google Inbox Reminder Snooze


Currently Inbox is only available upon request.  You can do that by visiting the Google Inbox page and signing up in the top right hand corner.