Email Geeks Rejoice! Gmail supports CSS in Email

Exciting news for email geeks everywhere!

Gmail has announced they will be supporting CSS in email which means Gmail will now be mobile responsive.

Designers can:

  • Query the screen size
  • Be able to define how content should be arranged
  • Show or hide certain pieces of content
  • Code a style in the head tag and then read it out throughout the email.

This means more:

  • HTML5 video headers
  • Expandable menus
  • Accordions
  • Sliders and galleries
  • Rotational banners
  • Graphs

And more interactive emails!

Check out these useful resources:

The Official Gmail Blog:

Developers: Assorted media queries, example code, as well as markup, etc:

Litmus blog post, of course, their tools for testing, how all this stuff works, are excellent: