Did you receive an Apple watch as a gift this year? While Apple’s latest gadget has fans lining up, there are a few important details about the Watch that, as a marketer, will affect your email campaigns:

Plain Text: When an HTML email with plain text is sent, Apple will display the message, “This message contains elements Apple Watch can’t display. You can read a text version below.” It will then show the plain text version of the email. For your email to show up on the watch, you must have a multi-layer email that sends the plain text version with the HTML version

Emails Without Plain Text Won’t Be Readable: This message is displayed when you don’t include a plain text version alongside the HTML version: “The full version of this message isn’t available on Apple Watch. But you can read it on your iPhone.” This shows the importance for online marketers to use plain text versions in their email campaigns. Using special characters, pictures, and other formatting tricks translates poorly on the Watch, so companies need to optimize their content to adapt to this development

Disabled Links: Because there is no web browser on the Watch, links can’t be clicked on. Try to remove links from the plain text emails, and instead you can devote that space to writing a simple, engaging message to your subscribers

You Can’t Track Clicks Or Opens: Without a web browser and 1×1 tracking loading in the user’s inbox, it’s impossible to track opens or clicks to measure success, so businesses will have to find new ways to gauge the success of their email campaigns on the Watch