A great headline for a blog post should be able to do several things: generate a higher click through rate and search engine results, state the topic of the post, and share with readers an idea or promise that will then be fulfilled in the post. As a result, it can be very difficult to make a headline that covers it all.

Another problem lies in creating a headline that is optimized for both search engines and social. Search headlines are more descriptive and serious, while social headlines play more on a reader’s emotions. Here is a great tip for creating a headline and description that works well for search and social:

Use metadata. By using metadata, you’re able to choose what elements of your post you want displayed. With this, you can put together one title and description for search engines and one for social platforms. When adding metadata, click “general” to add the headline and description for search and “social” to do the same for social. This way, you don’t have to worry about putting search and social together; you can have separate headlines for each one to double the power of your post.

Try using these tactics to immediately start boosting the search and social power of your headlines. Metadata is your friend.