business team standing holding white papers

Content marketing can seem unrewarding at times; you may work constantly to build your audience, and yet, you see no immediate benefits for yourself. In the long run, great content marketing will generate more followers, as well as trust and credibility, and that’s when you’ll see the benefits. Here are 5 mistakes you want to avoid in content marketing so that your hard work pays off!

Not Automating: Socialoomph, Tweepi, and Twittered are a few tools that content marketers use for automating. Some may say that it’s unsocial, shameful even, to automate social media. However, to efficiently keep up with all the different parts of content marketing, it’s highly advised to implement smart automating technology to stay ahead.

Not Hustling Content: Having a single email, tweet, or post each month isn’t enough to hold your followers’ attention. To keep readers consistently engaged, there are many things you can do: create visual content, post your content on several social media sites, build relationships with other influential bloggers, and many other techniques to get your content out there.

Not Working On Your Headlines: A study by Fractl showed that the best types of blog articles are written in list form, and that lists with visuals get shared even more. Paying attention to what types of titles work, and why, is an important part of gaining followers that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Poor Content Quality: Producing fun, creative content is one of the best ways to interact with followers. Implementing shareable visuals, surprising facts and statistics, a simple, conversational tone, and an engaging introduction are a few ways to build interesting and compelling content.

Not Experimenting: Producing risky, engaging content with strong visuals is a big part of interactive content in social media. As shown by Coca Cola’s content strategy, 70% of your content should be low risk, 20% should be innovative based on proven techniques, and 10% should be high risk, courageous content. This way, you put yourself out there enough to catch people’s attention, but not so much that you could end up with no improvement.

Here endeth the lesson, consider yourself no longer an amatuer.