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2016 Email Marketing Insights Study

According to a survey and infographic put together by our friends over at Email on Acid, almost 70% of companies spend 1-5 hours on a single email campaign and 71% of companies plan to spend more time on email and 86% will spend more money in 2016. Wow. 40% say coding email is their biggest problem overall. 36% say that developing content and creative is painful. 39% want a tool that fixes email code for you. Download this infographic.Embed Our Infographic On Your Site!Image Width%px<img src="" alt="2016 Email Marketing Insights Study - An Infographic from StoryPorts" width="100%" class="infographic_embedder" /><p...

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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Tips for Amazing Stories

Make your stories stand out above the chatter with our seven tips for epic content. — 7 Tips for Amazing Stories There are thousands of pieces of content published online every day. These tips will help your content break through the clutter, grow your audience and deliver delightful experiences. Make it Awesome Remarkable content is the name of the game. Here are a few things to ask yourself as you build or curate content. Is it unique or controversial? Is it insightful and emotional? Is it thought-provoking? Is it easy to understand? Is it relevant to the audience? Make it Visual...

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How Often Should Your Business Post To Social Media?

As we are constantly curating and syndicating content StoryPorts, we often get asked how often businesses should be posting content to social media, and what that content should include? We’ve created a quick go-to-list to answer your social media questions when it comes to the big contenders: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  Stay tuned for more insight on other social networks…...

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This Graph Shows How FaceBook Can Make or Break Your Site

According to Shareaholic’s 2014 report on Social Media Traffic Referrals, Facebook beat all other social networks in referring traffic to publishers.  What does that mean exactly?  Have you ever clicked on a link a colleague or friend posted onto Facebook because it caught your eye?  Then congratulations, you are a statistic of the referred traffic. As stated in the report, by the end of September of this year, Facebook was referring 22.35% of all traffic.  That is over four times the amount of referring traffic driven by Pinterest, and more than three times the amount of referring traffic driven by all other social network...

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