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Best Kind Of Promotion By Time Of Day

  Successful email marketing requires attention to the details. Time of day can be the difference between ending up at the bottom of a crowded inbox and arriving just in time for a purchase or opportunity to get a potential customer engaged. Let’s start with the fundamentals. Below is a breakdown of segments of the day and what type of email is appropriate. Begin utilizing these guidelines and your email opens will increase, period: Early Morning: 6 am-10 am: At the beginning of the day, your audience is more likely to open events reminders, sales, product emails, and other promos,...

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Back to the Basics: 5 Tips for Better Emails

  Email marketing can quickly become unnecessarily complicated. Integrating social media, utilizing multiple  marketing platforms, subscriber acquisition, etc., can all cause a marketer to lose focus on what’s effective. It’s important to remember the principles of email marketing. To lend a hand, here are 5 tips to get back to the basics and improve your next email campaign:  1.  Tap Into Social Proof: Employing consumer data is a great tool to gain trust from potential customers. Research has shown that consumers are more apt to connect with a brand, when friends and influencers are also connected to that brand. Applied effectively, social proof is a great way to...

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12 Unique Ideas for Your Next Email

Coming up with fresh ideas for emails and promos can be a major hassle when you’re juggling countless other tasks. Every marketer can use some inspiration from time to time, so here are 12 unique ideas for your email marketing, one for every month of the year: January Today is Data Privacy Day and tomorrow is National Corn Chip Day, so you can see there are a wide assortment of fun and interesting holidays in January. Use this opportunity to share something unique about your company and staff. This is a great chance to send out a creative email highlighting a special or different product from...

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