Best Kind Of Promotion By Time Of Day



Successful email marketing requires attention to the details. Time of day can be the difference between ending up at the bottom of a crowded inbox and arriving just in time for a purchase or opportunity to get a potential customer engaged. Let’s start with the fundamentals. Below is a breakdown of segments of the day and what type of email is appropriate. Begin utilizing these guidelines and your email opens will increase, period:

Early Morning:

  • 6 am-10 am: At the beginning of the day, your audience is more likely to open events reminders, sales, product emails, and other promos, so now is a great time to hit “send”


  • 10 am-noon: At this time, let your audience relax or get some work done without any extra emails in their inbox


  • Noon-2 pm: Customers will be less likely to open promos during their lunchtime. However, news updates or alerts will seem much more appealing to them


  • 2 pm-3 pm: Right about now, your audience won’t be in the mood for a bombardment of product and sale emails. Instead, limit your emails to those related to financial services or transactions

Late Afternoon:

  • 3 pm-5 pm: After a long, seemingly endless day at work, your audience’s focus will shift toward their own lives. Because of this, now is perfect time to send emails related to property or financial services


  • 5 pm-7 pm: At this time, B2B promotions are the way to go, as customers are more likely to open them now than at any other time of day


  • 7 pm-10 pm: Whether it’s sales, product offers, or other consumer promos, this is the best time to send these types of emails. With the majority of your consumers relaxed and less busy, they’ll be more likely to open your promotions


  • 10 pm-6 am: This is often the worst time to send emails, as the majority of your consumers will be catching some Z’s. Do your best to avoid sending emails in this “dead zone”