Back to the Basics: 5 Tips for Better Emails



Email marketing can quickly become unnecessarily complicated. Integrating social media, utilizing multiple  marketing platforms, subscriber acquisition, etc., can all cause a marketer to lose focus on what’s effective. It’s important to remember the principles of email marketing. To lend a hand, here are 5 tips to get back to the basics and improve your next email campaign:

 1.  Tap Into Social Proof: Employing consumer data is a great tool to gain trust from potential customers. Research has shown that consumers are more apt to connect with a brand, when friends and influencers are also connected to that brand. Applied effectively, social proof is a great way to boost engagement and convert potential customers

2.  Tell Readers the Next Step: It’s crucial to send clear, direct emails to new customers upon sign-up or purchase to help with their next step. If you fail to clearly provide simple, easy directions on what to do after the initial download or sign up, new customers will become unengaged very quickly and be less apt to interact with your continued marketing efforts 

3.  Keep Up With Social Trends and Current Events: With news and trends always changing, readers are more likely to interact with emails that reflect this. Tapping into social trends is a great way to boost engagement along with email opens

4.  Include Dynamic Content: Personalizing emails with dynamic content is a great concept, and there are three main levels involved when applied: divide your lists into segments to send emails to people with common interests, use customer merge tags that will be automatically replaced with customer info, and use on-site customer data in your emails to gain trust and credibility

5.  Offer Referral Codes: Referral codes are a great tool because both customer and business benefit. Customers get rewards for referring friends and family, and your company gains new customers. The hard part is motivating customers to refer others to your products, so it is important to have confidence in your products and services and follow up with top-notch customer service if you choose to include referral codes in your emails