YouTube is a great way to connect with your fans and subscribers. Use Content (Ctrl) to put your videos into emails. Here are some of the great features of the YouTube Connector:

YouTube Video In Email

Include any video. Literally. Include videos and playlists from your channel, another users channel, or include a users’ YouTube profile in your email. You aren’t just limited to your content.

Search. As stated above, you can search for any video by any user. But you can also search by most viewed, most popular, most comments or search by keyword to include videos that support your brand. Looking for a specific quality? Search by resolution, size, license and quality.

Filter. Want to include comments? Filter your comments by language, explicatives, remove duplicates and username.

Content (Ctrl) makes it easy for you to customize your syndicated content just the way you want it for the best results in your emails.

What else? How would you like to use YouTube to build email content?