Over 100 million users have a digital calendar with Google reporting that over 60% of all of their calendar users checking their calendar every day. Reach your audience and get information to them with ease using the Google Calendar Connector.

Calendar HTML for Email

Promote your event with ease. Promoting your event through email is one of the best ways to reach your audience and keep control over your invite list. Facebook invites are ok, but not everyone uses the platform, and you can never be sure that an event stays private. Evites are an option, but you often can’t customize the look, layout, or content and you can’t sync RSVPs through the evite into your master list. Using your Google Calendar Connector means you can keep your information in order.

Quickly and easily gauge how many people are coming to your event. Planning an event can be challenging, especially when it comes to invites: Between sending an evite, creating a Facebook event and keeping track of your hard copy RSVPs, planning can become a headache. By using a Google Calendar event, you can quickly deliver all of the information about your event all from one platform.

Content (ctrl) makes your calendar completely customizable. Control the number of events shown in your email content area, control word counts, choose image sizes and filter bad language.

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