With over 150 million users, Instagram has exploded as a unique social media platform. More interestingly, over 70% of those 150 million users login at least once a day and 55 million new posts daily. This means that new content is constantly being turned over that your subscribers want to see. The Instagram Content Connector makes it easy for you to customize your favorite Instagram content and put it into your emails. Use it to:

Feature. Feature your favorite Instagram feeds in your emails. You can use your company’s feed, a specific user, or a hashtag relevant to your brand to find the content that best suits your email.

Customize. Customize the content for your emails. Choose to show hashtags, likes, hyperlinks, usernames, and mentions with the click of the button. Choose your call to action, the word count of each post, the title word count, the size of the image, and remove duplicates.

Engage. Engage with your subscribers by showing them the content they want to see, on a platform that they love. By doing this, your company can position yourself as a company that has their finger on the pulse of what’s new and cool.

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the application? Let us know and we can custom build whatever you need.