Using images in social media campaigns has proven to be one of the best ways to increase user engagement, but it can be tricky to know what kinds of images you should use. Here are 6 of the best kinds of images, and when to use them:

Photos are the most popular, and easiest, type of image. Using apps like Instagram, you can take photos, edit, and add them to a post without much trouble. The best time to use a photo is when the image you’re sharing is powerful and different enough that it will stand out among all the others and grab your audience’s attention. Accompanying text shouldn’t be lengthy; keep it short and to the point, let the photo tell the story

Using collages is a great way to do a number of things: you can set up a timeline to show the progression of a product, service, or something else; you can give different perspectives on an idea or practice; and you can highlight different aspects of a product or service you offer

Text Over Plain Background
The purpose of using text is to get a message to your audience quickly and without losing their interest. Be careful how you set up your message; it should be simple but strong enough to captivate readers. Plain text images are great for inspiring quotes, quality headlines, and interesting book or blog excerpts

Text With a Photo
Using photos with text is a compelling way to communicate a message with visuals and text combined. This can be a great type of image to use with stock photography to make a photo others may have used, unique for your purposes

Icons and Illustrations
Icons and illustrations are a great alternative to using photos, and their simple, appealing look draws in more people. With these, you want to keep it uncomplicated; it’s not meant to be a decoration. Additionally, adding a simple icon to a photo can help make the image stand out

Screenshots are one of the easiest types of images to put together. They take almost no time and it’s best to use screenshots to highlight specific excerpts of text or images